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Renew - Algae Sea Weed Forming Mask Green Tea&Zizyphus Extracts 500ml / 16.9oz

500ml / 16.9oz
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The mask has a pronounced firming and modeling effect; has a drainage effect, improving the flow of blood and lymph; strengthens the epidermal barrier. Contains green tea leaf extract, a powerful antioxidant action is directed at preserving youth and health of the skin in an unfavorable ecological environment and stress. Contained in an extract caffeine improves blood circulation and nutrition of the skin, reduces puffiness; tannins give the skin elasticity. Mask improves penetration and multiplies the effect of the previously applied active serums, concentrates, creams and masks; actively promotes healing and rejuvenation of the skin, restoring its fresh, radiant look.


1 scoop mask diluted with cold water until the consistency of the batter. Eyes put cotton pads moistened with water or a moisturizing lotion on a frame made of a gauze mask or directly on the skin quickly put the cooked mixture (nostrils and thyroid area is not affected). After 15-20 minutes, remove the mask completely hardened, remove the remains of sponges.

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size 500ml / 16.9oz
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