Magiray Professional Mineral Dry Toner 250gr /2.6oz

250gr /2.6oz
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Concentrated dry tonic is convenient, economical and versatile for use in the salon. It cleanses, refreshes and regenerates the skin.

Mineral crystals, "wrapped" in essential oils, when dissolved in different proportions in water form Tonic for professional care of any type of skin. The drug solution is an electrolyte, which allows it to be used for galvanic procedures. The pH of the finished solution is 6.4 - 6.6.

moisturizes, normalizes the NMF-factor
antiseptic - in high concentration has a disinfectant effect
can be used as an anti-inflammatory, wound-healing drug
It is used, including, as a compress or applique after mechanical cleaning of the face
Application concept: It is used as a tonic, as well as for compresses, applications and baths. Electrolyte. Suitable for galvanic procedures

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size 250gr /2.6oz
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