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Hairkop Essence Obliphica Moisturizing Treatment Cream 525 ml/17.75oz

525 ml/17.75oz
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Bio Repair’s comprehensive line of products is highly effective in rehabilitating damaged skin, caused by environmental stress or traumas to the skin, through the stimulation of the natural healing process and accelerating the cell renewal processes thus restoring the skin to its normal and normative condition. The unique Repair Complex, included in all the formulations, helps by stimulating the natural healing of the skin cells DNA chains and it has a highly positive effect on the skin. For impressive results we recommend the use of at least 4 of the products concurrently.


Repair Complex, Elastin, Collagen, vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Guaiazulene &Jojoba extracts; Almond and Olive oils and more.

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size 525 ml/17.75oz
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