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Gigi Retin - Triple Power Peeling System Professional Set

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Volume: 50 ml + 30 ml + 30 ml.

1. GIGI RetinA Triple Power Foaming Cleanser 50 ml

Cleansing product with a 10% concentration of glycolic acid. Removes all types of dirt, gently washes makeup. Hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types.

Due to its low molecular weight AHA acid, it not only cleanses the skin, but also moisturizes it, preparing it for further use of active cosmeceuticals. Thanks to the extract of coconut oil - does not tighten the skin.

Active ingredients: glycolic acid, coconut oil extract

2. GIGI Retin A TCA Peel Quatro Power - Median TCA Peeling 30 ml

Peeling affecting the middle layers of the epidermis. Cleans the skin at fairly deep levels. The mechanism of action of TCA peeling consists in coagulating the protein structures of the epidermis, destroying and removing damaged skin cells, stimulating enhanced cell division of the basal layer, forming young cells with a uniform distribution of the natural melanin pigment.

It has a keratolytic effect (stronger than that of retinoic and glycolic acids), which loosens and removes the upper layers of the epidermis, lifting due to increased collagen and elastin synthesis, antioxidant, involving the binding of heavy metals and blocking free radicals, which helps protect skin cells from harmful effects of the environment, comedolytic, ensuring the elimination of sebaceous duct obstruction and smoothing of the pores, whitening, arising from the exfoliation of of the constricted layers and leveling of the skin, antiseptic, affecting skin microbes, both bacteriostatic and bactericidal, remodeling to dermal structures.

Active ingredients: TCA, glycolic, pyruvic, salicylic and ferulic acids, niacin, resveratrol.

3. GIGI Retin A Triple Power Post Peeling Cream - Triple Strength Post-Peeling Cream 30 ml

Special active cream for professional care in the salon or clinic. The active composition prolongs the action of peeling, without its characteristic aggressive effect. Promotes cell renewal, securing the result.

Vitamin A (Retin A), penetrating into the prepared skin and acting in the deep layers of the dermis, brightens it, evens the tone, has an anti-age effect, fights wrinkles. Pyruvic, acting as an auxiliary agent for Retin A, fights age spots.

Citric and lactic acids have a peeling effect. Resveratrol and ferulic acid suppress the formation of reaction chains, restraining the oxidative processes that inevitably accelerate with age, due to which it becomes possible to naturally synthesize collagen and elastin even in the condition of the age changes that have occurred.

Active ingredients: Retin A, citric, lactic, pre-grape and ferulic acids, resveratrol

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