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Dr. Kadir Phytosterol 40+ - Anti-Aging Serum For Dry Skin 30ml / 1oz

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30ml / 1oz
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Chronologic aging causes a decrease in skin collagen and other components supporting the structure of the skin, this phenomenon is even more pronounced after the menopause.
Phytosterols are molecules occurring naturally in plants and can be made available to human metabolism. Isoflavones are known for their beneficial effect on aged skin with reduced estrogenic activity. Improvement in elasticity and skin firmness can be achieved with treatment of mature skin with preparations containing phytosterols.

These materials have restoring and rejuvenating effects when applied to the aged skin. The active complex of Phytosterol 40+ series was tested on a group of women above 40, for a period of four weeks.
A significant improvement in skin elasticity, reduction of wrinkles and roughness, smoothing of the skin surface as well as deep moisturization were observed.

In order to enhance skin restoration, we enriched the products with Phytosterol 40+ many other active ingredients such as:  vitamin E, squalane, bisabolol, panthenol allantoin and moisturizers.

Phytosterol 40+ Series is suitable for the mature and very dry skin. The preparations are especially of rich texture and with highly nourishing effect.

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series name PHYTOSTEROL 40+
size 30ml / 1oz
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