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Dr. Kadir Exclusive Restore - Skin Revitalizing Resveratrol Drops 2 x 10ml

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2 x 10ml
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Resveratrol is present in small quantities in red grapes, red wine, peanuts, blueberries and some other plants. It is a polyphenol with a strong anti-oxidant activity.
It has become clear that chronic inflammatory processes are very significant factors in the development of various diseases and in aging process in the tissues. 
Another important fact is that many of the inflammatory processes are initiated by free radicals. Therefore, in many cases, anti-oxidants show effective anti-inflammatory activity and can diminish age-related processes in the tissue. Resveratrol is one of the most interesting materials regarding its potential to minimize tissue aging and to promote restructuring.
Resveratrol is today one of the most studied natural materials in the field of slowing aging process. It seems that its activity mimics the effect of "caloric restriction", an important mechanism associated with slowing the aging process. Caloric restriction (calorie restriction) is a dietary procedure that was to shown promote life expectancy in the animal world.
It was found that resveratrol (through epigenetic effect) promotes important processes such as Autophagy (or autophagocytosis) a natural destructive mechanism of the cell that disassembles unnecessary or dysfunctional components. As shown by studies in recent years, this process is closely linked to the prevention of tissue aging and extend lifespan of cells.
Resveratrol, in addition to its other beneficial actions is also very effective in skin lightening.

Combining resveratrol in a cosmetic preparation is not an easy task as it is difficult to dissolve and tends to oxidize easily. Resveratrol Skin Revitalizing Drops is a special stabilized solution of resveratrol without the presence of water.
The efficacy of the product was tested clinically by a special three dimensional photography technique (Primos). A significant reduction in wrinkles was shown in 73% of the participants after twice a daily use of the product for 28 days. All participants reported improvement in overall wrinkles.

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