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Christina - Retinyl Palmitate Eye Cream 30ml / 1oz

30ml / 1oz
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The Cream for round eyes zone with retinyl palmitate. It is used at the age of 30 + The Active cream, which formula provides fast and deep vpityvanie. Considerably improves a skin condition, corrects the age changes caused UFO, stops process of natural ageing. The complex of vitamins A, E, With will neutralise free radicals and interferes with damage of DNA of cages. Contains high percent active retinyl palmitate in this connection the cream allows to reduce available wrinkles and to prevent occurrence.


Within the first 15-17 days to put a cream 2-3 times a week in the evening, then it is possible to apply a cream every day, without supposing its congestion at external corners of eyes not to cause reddening. In the first days dryness and the easy peeling, the skin caused by active updating can be observed. In process of accustoming this reaction passes. To a peeling there is a tearing away pigmentirovannyh cages, and the skin gets more light shade. The peeling not always takes place, in most cases it is a little appreciable, as the become lifeless cages are torn away during washing. Expressiveness of reaction of a skin on retinyl palmitate Eye Cream depends on a thickness of a horn layer, a condition and type of a skin, frequency of applications and quantity of a put preparation, and also from the cosmetic means applied to or in a usage time of the given cream. For example, the cosmetics with fruit acids strengthens skin reaction on retinyl palmitate.

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size 30ml / 1oz
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